Friday, May 12, 2006

Go away... STAY AWAY!

Woman don't tease me like that!

An ex friend (that i ditched ... for various reasons that I won't re get into) has reentered an online community that we both used to post at. She left in a huff saying she was not "feeling safe" (though she was the one who repeatedly harrassed me in emails) and I was really really REALLY hoping that just this ONE time she would actually do what she said and stay away...

I should have known it was too much to ask. Well I did know. She's kinda famous for pulling this shit.

She's actually written me a couple of emails saying she wishes me well and blah blah but I just refuse to go there with her. She really showed her true colours when she got very nasty with me and accused me of many things that I never said or did.

Oh well. I guess that's why the "ignore" feature was developed ;)

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