Monday, May 29, 2006

4 more days!!!!

Until the baby comes :) EEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! Is it possible to be totally stoked and yet completely scared at the same time? I've never gone into a delivery KNOWING that I'll have a c-section. The thought of just laying there waiting to be sliced and diced is a little unerving...

My birthday was yesterday. I had a great time :) Jeff and the girls bought me a in bed co-sleeper for the babe, a new book and some new lotion. The rest of the family pampered me with gift cards and such and Robyn got me two awesome gift packs with stuff to pamper me and the new babe! So of course I spent most of last night sniffing various lotions and potions and trying them all out ;) The best was an awsome magnet for my fridge about friendship. It made me cry. I am such a sap.

Before dinner yesterday I was in the hospital. Apparently the superficial layers of my scar from MADELINE have separated and now I have a small hernia along my scar line. Nice... very painful but not dangerous they tell me. Just don't take castor oil ;) Then jeff took me to dinner where I had a huge King crab leg platter. I think I'm STILL full!

Well everything is ready for the baby... my bag, his bag, the kids bag. The bouncy seat is washed, the sheet for the co-sleeper, my sling is washed... I need to spot wash the sheep skin today though. Oh and get jeff to put the infant seat back in the car...

Well since I'm actually up before the girls are I shall get some breakfast. The mini beast demands to be fed :)

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Babs said...

i didn't know it was your birthday! Happy birthday!

I need to email you as soon as I get my computer back. I'm at a friend's house right now.