Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ho hum...

Baby come... please... nowish would be good... lol.

finally decided on dinner tonight. Tuna melts for jeff and I and mini pizza's on whole wheat bread for the girls. Some dye free mac and cheese on the side and we're good to go! Jeff's working a night shift tonight so he's home for dinner and then not home again till like 9:30. I'm aiming to have the kids in bed by 8 and then I can have some alllll alone time.

We really need to shave Frodo's ass. He gets all manky and smelly and I just don't want a stinky cat around! Maybe tonight we'll finally get around to that?

I packed my bag for the hospital...
3 pairs old undies
4 pairs socks
birth plan
jammies... one pair have to put in another
coming home outfit (will wear that in)

I need some new slippers and then I'm done. The baby's bag is all packed. We're taking cloth diapers to the hospital so we can cd from the very beginning. Takes up a lot of room though! I've also got to patch my old nursing pillow to take. I don't care if it gets messy for the first couple of days... it'll be good enough. Only 15 days or less!!!!

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