Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just tired...

I'm just tired. That's it. Tired. I want to lay in bed and sleep for the next month until the baby gets here (well one month minus two days... lol!) Maddy let me sleep in until 10:30 today and it still was not long enough!

Yesterday was a good day. Robyn (my best friend) and her kiddo's came over for the afternoon. We spent most of it in the backyard telling the kids to "go play!" We came in for a snack and a nap (Gray... her son) and I got to show her my newborn/small diaper stash :) I can't wait to use them on a baby!!! They went home around 6ish and Jeff bbq'ed turkey burgers for dinner.

Today the weather is supposed to be sunny and around +22. We're definately spending the afternoon outside. Maybe I'll work on exposing my bright white legs to the sun?

I'm hungry too. I should eat. It just seems like too much work ;)

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