Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The cutest kids EVER!

I've got music going on the puter and jeff just went back to work. We're listening to Cinderella and of course Maddy has to get her princess dress on and she's being... well Cinderella. Olivia decides she is going to be "rosapurr" rosapurr would be "Lucifer" the cat.... you have to hear it to understand exactly how fucking cute it sounds.

Well aforementioned useless contractor didn't show up today as he is "cough cough" sick. Whatever. Useless. Did I mention that?

Today is our first do nothing day in weeks. It's soooooo nice. I layed in bed until noon listening to the kids play and making sure they were not killing each other or themselves. We're all still in our jammies and I'm thinking that's the way it will stay. I do want to get outside but I think after dinner tonight maybe we'll head to the park. What should I make for dinner??? I've got hours to think about it.

I want to call Robyn and see if they got a van but I don't want to depress her if they didn't. lol.

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