Saturday, May 13, 2006

Such a good time :)

So Mandy and I went to Kelly o Brians for dinner last night. I started off with a salad, then had the most AMAZING chicken breast smothered in cream cheese, shrimp and crab meat. It was the BEST chicken I have EVER tasted. OMG... heaven. Then we had "death by chocolate" for dessert... I brought half home for jeff :)

We gabbed nonstop for 2.5 hours ;) We never run out of things to say! I really really wish that Robyn and I could get out sans children once in a while... oh well. Maybe in another two years or so? lol!

Useless contractor should be here today... well he SHOULD have been here 20 minutes ago. Useless. Sigh. I think he SHOULD be spending the entire day and getting at least two or three windows done. But no... he'll probably be back tomorrow on Mother's Day so I'll have to get up early .. sigh...

Maddy has ballet at noon and hopefully she'll be getting her costume today! I need to get the fins and stuff sewed on before this baby comes... speaking of which...

he PUNCHED me in the cervix last night. Holy fucking hell that hurt!!!!!!! This babe is going to be a handful ;)

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