Friday, April 13, 2007

Where are my children?

because I hardly saw them today!!!

I got up at around 11ish. Got ready, got the kids ready and then Madeline, Phoenix and I went to visit my friend Jean and her two little people (Elisabeth is Maddy's age and Alex is Phoenix's.) From the time we arrived (around 1) to the time we left (about 5:30) I saw Madeline for 10 minutes. And that was enough time for the two girls to wolf down two muffins, some cheese and drink a glass of water.

They played dress-up, makeup, polly pockets... restaurant, sisters and school. They played and played and played... the had not ONE single fight, one argument, one issue. Not one. Not a single one. Was that really MY child I took over there today? I soooo need to her to play with her big friends more. She is such a likable person then!

While we were playing (well jean and I were gabbing non-stop for 5 hours and the boys sat and petted one another) Jeff and Olivia payed some bills and then went to the kids museum. Apparently they had a wonderful time and ended the trip with popcorn and nacho's with cheese sauce. Olivia has no food dye allergies ;)

So then we got pizza for dinner, cleaned up, I fed the babe and Jeff dropped me off to grocery shop. BY MYSELF! For almost two hours!!! Rose brought me home with my groceries, I walked in the door. Fed Phoenix. He fell asleep and went to bed by 10:30.

It was a busy busy day but wow was it a good one!


Anonymous said...

Glad you guys had such a wonderful day Tam.

Robyn said...

sounds like you had a great day! we all need those now and then.