Sunday, April 22, 2007

And yet again...

My baby fiend has a double ear infection. Apparently according to the doctor (who was very nice and very thorough) his right ear is ready to burst and his left ear is not far behind. Nice.

I've ended the P sleeping log. Cause well.. he just is not. Sleeping that is. Two nights ago he screamed half the night (by that I mean around 5 hours all told. Shrill high pitched screaming.) Last night he screamed for about 8 hours all told. Today he spiked fevers on and off, was lethargic, napped on and off all day (but only on people) and whined/screamed and moaned whenever he was not sleeping. So I finally decided to take him in.

Hence.. double ear infection. The doctor figures it's bacterial from all the freaking goop in his ear so he's now on Bactrim twice a day for seven days (heavy duty bacteria fighting antibiotic) and we also have a ear drop that actually is an anesthetic to numb his ear canal. I'll send jeff out tomorrow for more Bio-K probiotics. I also picked up some non-alcohol gripe water to help with his tummy which will be very upset from these antibiotics. Oh and some motrin. Lots of motrin.

Hell yah I'm totally stocked up on allopathics right now. I won't even apologize and try to logisize it. I'm fucking tired. My baby is in fucking pain. Nuff said. Let the crunchy police kick my ass. I don't fucking care. I treat everything else homeopathically.

We had dinner at my grandmothers tonight. My parent's, favourite aunt and uncle, my two cousins and one of their boyfriends was there. I had a great time (other than dealing with P) and he got to be snuggled and comforted by many sets of loving arms. Oh it was SO NICE to have a wee break. The girls chased bunnies, talked to ducks and barked back at a dog. Played in and out of the barn and were really good. Then they washed dishes with Sadie and Britt (my cousins... 19 and 24) and had a blast.

Yesterday we went to Alex (my friend Jean's) birthday party at Ft. George park. It was lots of fun. It was just them, their immediate family and us :) Lots of yummy food and good people. The girls had a blast running around with Elisabeth and Phoenix napping in the babyhawk the whole time. We did some running around after dinner, stopped by Al and Roses just after 8 and then got the kids into bed at a decent time (of course that's when the screaming started and didn't stop!!!)

Well Phoenix just started crying because Jeff tried to stop him from biting his leg. lol. Other than that he's been really happy for the last two hours! Motrin and ear drops will do that to you.

I hope to get some sleep tonight. It's times like this when I wish Grammie was around to help.

edited to add: Jeff found ear goo on the bed when he was getting things ready for Phoenix tonight so it drained a wee bit during his nap today... blerg.

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Anonymous said...

glad you all have fun at gramas house. and that SUCKSSSS ass that he has a ear infection again.
talk to ya later