Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Random thoughts...

-I wonder what time Jeff gets lunch? I'm not "supposed" to call him at work anymore and apparently he's not calling me FROM work anymore so I actually don't have any idea when or if he's coming home. That's annoying.

-I put a set of tires up on freecycle. I had a taker. He came this morning and apparently I should have specified that they were CAR tires and not truck tires. I didn't realize that there was a difference. And then when he was here he tried to talk me into giving him my really nice iron padded lawn chairs... ummm no.

-I had the city knock on my door this morning. They were fiddling with our water shut off valve in the neighbors driveway and marveling at how OUR water valve was in THEIR driveway. I dunno why! I didn't build the house. So I had to turn on the water, turn off the water, turn on the water, turn off the water.... annoying.

-Loki has the runs. Again. Perhaps if he just ate HIS food and STOPPED EATING FUCKING CATSHIT he'd be solid. Now that we have a gate up that should stop.

-Our new neighbors are cool. She actually knocked on the door to ask if I needed anything from the "shops" as she was headed to superstore. She's Australian. I think I'd like to live there if they are all as nice as her :)

-Phoenix is trying very hard to crawl and pull up. This is resulting in a LOT of head wounds. Poor baby!

-I got next to no sleep last night. Normally I'd call my husband to complain and get sympathy but (see random thought #1)

-I need some companionship. I need an adult to talk to. Mikes home on days off though so I shouldn't bug Robyn... now that they actually like each other and enjoy spending time with one another ;) I might call Jean.

-LLL is tomorrow night. I need to get the key I suppose.

oh Jean is on the phone! Yay! Companionship!


Robyn said... should have called me. Mike spent all day working in the camper, and I ended up going to Save-On and Value Village for something to do. We should get together tomorrow.

Frogmorest said...

YES!!!! lol :) Do you want to come over when the girls are in preschool? That many less kids to watch ;)