Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today is a day...

Like no other day of course!

Our next door neighbors have their daughter/son in law/two girls (ages 10 and 14) living with them. They are getting very old (late eighties/early nineties) and are ready to move into an retirement home. Their family is taking care of getting the house and yard up to date and apparently are moving here for good from Australia. They are very very nice.

Sharon (the daughter) is a registered Nurse Midwife and has started a business called "Family Health: Parenting Help and Education." Sounds great huh? Yah... she believes that babies should never rule the roost, should be sleeping through the night early on and should only eat every three hours. That if they are eating more often then that, something else is going on and that should be dealt with. Babies should have their own rooms and the family needs to not be baby centered.

She lives next door to me. I am a LLL leader. Hmmm.... how's this going to work?

She's planning on providing breastfeeding support, prenatal classes and post-natal support in sleeping, feeding and calming issues. My toes... feeling a bit stepped on ;)

I don't mind so much that she is providing breastfeeding support but she said to me that she would never be a LLL leader as we are not "structured" enough. Schedules have to be in place and maintained and none of this wishywashy stuff.

I get the feeling she thinks I am a slightly crappy parent for letting Phoenix rule my life with his sleeping issues, feeding issues and having him on the boob every 1.5 hours. Well Olivia nursed every 1.5 hours too and she turned out wonderfully!

Hmmm... just venting sorta. Cept I'm not mad or anything. Just kinda slightly bemused about it all. lol!

So Jeff bought me a new breadmaker yesterday. A new CUISINART breadmaker! It's pretty... all stainless steel and stuff. Oh and it makes REALLY good bread. Yum!

Today was the first session of mother goose for the spring. We only have 8 weeks and then off for summer. We had seven familes. It was all good. One mom was stressing way too freaking much about her daughter touching things. The whole time was "insert name... NO!" Annoying. She was 16 months old. Give her a break!

Another little boy was only one week older than Phoenix and seemed SO MUCH MORE ADVANCED. So much. He was crawling everywhere. Totally didn't care that his mother was there. Sat in front of me the whole time. In contrast my babe whined, clung to me, climbed me and nursed while I was supposed to be leading. I know he'll crawl ... but when? Maybe then he can freaking follow me instead of WHINING!

I've not been complaining about his sleep issues lately but they are many. He fights going to sleep, he fights STAYING asleep, he fights going back to sleep after nursing. Last night he went to bed at 11:30. Woke at 2 am to nurse. Then woke at 3:30, refused to nurse and SCREAMED for two hours. What he really wanted was for me to get out of bed and rock him but I am so exhausted I just couldn't. I rocked him in my arms for a bit until he didn't want that anymore. So I lay beside him with my hand on his back and slightly rocked him ... for two hours. I'm not sure when he fell asleep... I know when I woke I still had my hand on his back. I think we probably both gave in to sleep at the same time. I've never been able to sleep while a baby is crying ever.

I had bought some Boiron's Quietude quite a long time ago for him but never used it. You give one dose morning and night and it's supposed to help with sleep disorders in infants. Babes whole wake frequently, fight sleep and get fussy at night. I don't think he has a sleep disorder... I think he sleeps like crap because he does. This kid will never die of SIDS because he does not sleep long enough too! I'm hoping the Quietude makes his night waking shorter and just nursings.. not screamings.

My sister is not moving back to Canada. Boo Hiss. I really miss her.

Robyn and the gang are in Quesnel for two days and then dropping off her two kids at her mother in laws and then off to Edmonton for two/three days. Alone. With no kids. As good as that sounds right about now I couldn't leave my nursling. Dammit... I wish my conscience would leave me alone! lol! We're looking after their cats... Boots is a very stupid cat. They left town and left him outside so Jeff was over three times yesterday trying to get that damn cat to come it! Do you think he would? He'd get to the door and then run away! He finally got him in at lunch today... think he was finally hungry enough.

Well I should be sleeping. Liv has pre-k tomorrow and then kindy for Maddy on friday. Then a birthday party for Jean's little Alex on saturday. No rest for the wicked ;)

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Anonymous said...

your neighbor sounds "great"??? lol, I don't know It when I will move back, I miss you too. everything will be alright, it will all work out in the end!