Thursday, April 26, 2007

Time off!

I am having a once in a lifetime day... BOTH of my girls are somewhere else and Phoenix and I are home alone! Olivia has preschool today and a mom at Maddy's school offered to have Maddy come and play for the afternoon! She said that since Phoenix had an ear infection and I looked tired as all hell that it might be nice for me to have a break. There's a change! No one EVER offers to give me a break! Needless to say... I took advantage ;)

So Phoenix is sitting on the floor, snuffling like a pig, wiggling his eyebrows at me as I type and generally just being in a good mood. That's also a nice change! Oh he's sleeping sooooo much better now. Good 3-4 hour chunks, nursing for 15 minutes and then heading back into dreamland. My supply didn't take a hit from my period this month either so he's getting tons of good healing milk just when he needs it! He's less than impressed about the taste of the Biaxin but he takes it ;)

Jeff works a night shift tonight so the girls and I are on our own for dinner... I wonder who does debit at the door? lol!

I found out on tuesday that my "mom" lost her job... her job that she's been at for 20 years! They are "reorganizing" and apparently she does not have the skills that they need her to have. I'm sad for her. She's 57 and even though she is the YOUNGEST 57 year old I've ever knows it's tough to be so uncertain about your future at that stage of your life. Jeff's helping her with her emat questions and I'll do whatever I can to help as well.

I finally got a box packed for "Babycatcher" a live journal person that I read :) She lost her baby Abby shortly after birth last year and she is due with another little girl this year at the same time! I'm sending some newborn cloth dipes, wool, bigger dipes and a fuzzy suprise (A full sized Care Bear "Wish Bear" which I thought was appropriate.) I'll get that mailed this weekend.

Well the native (baby) is getting restless. He needs a boob and since mine is the only one around... I guess it will have to do!

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