Thursday, April 26, 2007

Still thursday ;)

Maddy had a wonderful playdate today. When the twins mom brought her home she said she was "so incredibly polite and has the best manners!" Apparently the three girls had a fantastic time running around screaming their heads off ;) Snack was great as well according to Madeline and she's eager to repeat this arrangement :)

Olivia had lots of fun at preschool. Her and Jeff got there a bit early so she was showing him around and introducing him to all of the toys. lol!

Phoenix never did nap but it was nice and quiet and both girls were out having fun. That works for me!

Funny thing. We were out at superstore doing a bit of grocery shopping last night. Jeff, I and all three kids. The girls were in their jammies.. when we meet Jean, John and THEIR two kids... both in THEIR jammies. Superstore. Where AP parents meet and have social lives. Proving that you can have fun WITH your kids! Maddy and Elisabeth were ecstatic of course! That reminds me, Jean called today and I have not called her back yet. I think I'll invite them over for an afternoon next week some time.

I was called a martyr today. Simply because I don't dump my kids at every opportunity. Now even if I WANTED to dump my kids (which I don't) where the hell would I dump them? My mom is not interested in watching them, I'm not going to bug Rose to do it as she's got enough on her plate right now and that leaves me with having to pay someone. Well I'm sorry but I'm not going to PAY someone to watch my kids while I shop. I can bloody well take them WITH me. They are my kids! Sure they annoy me at times but I *gasp* actually like spending time with them. (horror upon horrors.) And if it's so important that I shop sans kids... that's why I'm married :) He can watch the kids while I go. Is it really that hard for people to see that maybe I don't want/need to ditch my kids constantly??? I get my time in the evenings to relax. While they are small that is all I really need.


Frodo is screaming at the top of the stairs. He's too lazy to haul his fat ass over the gate. The gate that needs to be there because Loki likes to eat kitty roca at any opportunity. Phoenix is beside me chewing on his toothbrush. The kids are in bed and Jeff's still at work. We ordered in a panago pizza and wings for dinner and it was very yummy. We had four pieces left so Jeff came home and had dinner with us.

this is really a nothing kinda post isn't it? Hmmm...

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