Saturday, April 21, 2007


A school day for Madeline today. I got Jeff to take the laptop to work so I couldn't be on it... lol. I wanted to spend the whole day with no distractions from my kiddo's. So Phoenix and I got out of bed just after 9 when Olivia came in to wake me up. After breakfast we read 8 books (we got our Scholastic press order in) and then got dressed. Phoenix, Liv, Loki and I went outside and played ball and tag despite the coldness. We had smoothies for lunch and then Phoenix had a nap... I passed out sitting up on the couch while Olivia coloured ;)

We went and picked up Maddy at 2:30 and played outside when we got home from our walk. Then hung out, cleaned the house, made dinner (organic taco meat on macaroni and cheese with brussell sprouts and corn) and went to Rose's for a visit. I didn't see Madeline the whole time we were there... she was outside playing with the boys!

So it was a late night for the kids and a busy day tomorrow. Ballet for both and then a birthday party for Phoenix's friend Alex (my friend Jean little guy.)

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