Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Le sigh...

I'm all alooooone... there's noone here besiiiiide meeeeee...

Yep just another night at home. Being bored. lol! Jeff is out for his weekly painting "guy time" night. Part of his "taking time for himself" crusade. I was kinda hoping all of this would mellow him out a bit... maybe it takes longer for it to take effect?

All three kids are sleeping and Loki is hard at work destuffing a pink Dr. Seuss fish. Currently my house is COVERED in fluff but he's busy, not chasing cats and not peeing on my floor... you take what you can get ;)

Today was a pretty good day with the kids. Olivia had preschool and then when Robyn was dropping her off she mentioned that she had to go grocery shopping so I offered to take Jassy for the afternoon. She was awesome and they all had a great time. We played outside for almost two hours, blew bubbles, drew with chalk, rode bikes and scooters and played simon says. I know my kids had no problems falling asleep tonight!

I made "coney" fries and roasted cauliflower and broccoli for dinner tonight. I did homemade fries and then did some organic ground beef with taco seasonings for on top. It was so good!

I've eaten FAR too much chocolate the past three days. I feel blergy.

Well I think I might just lay down and sleep for a bit before jeff gets home.

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