Friday, April 20, 2007

Phoenix Log

I'm keeping a solid food and sleep log for the boy ;) Yes I'm that desperate to see any pattern and work on improving it! This two hours of sleep a night for me is going to put me over the edge soon!

So yesterday April 18.
Solid: some dehydrated apples, some organic brown rice cereal and organic applesauce
Quietude before bed
Fell asleep at 11pm. Woke 2 am and nursed. Woke 3:30 and burped. Woke 5:15 and nursed. Woke 9:30 am!!!!!! (so very good night!)

April 19
Solid: some dehydrated apples
Quietude morning and night
Fell asleep at 9:20 pm. Woke 12:10 am and nursed (I'm heading to bed now so I'll update in the morning... cross fingers!)

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