Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wow it's been a busy day!

We got up at 7:45 this morning to get Maddy ready for her first day of Kindergarten... sniff sniff.

She's wearing the outfit that her Grammie picked out for her and has her Princess Disney backpack on :) She was very excited to be there!

We were informed upon arrival that they ended up with 28 KIDS! in the kindergarten class. So they are splitting the class to 14 each. They are adding a tuesday/thursday designated friday class. Most people still want in the wednesday one of course but preferance is giving to whoever registered first.

Guess what number we registered? go on... guess...

Yep. First. What can I say. We're keeners. lol!

We were only there for an hour and I got to stay with her. Just going over policy and procedures. I honestly could not believe how freaking hyper and out of control some of those kids were... with their parents RIGHT THERE! I was worried about Maddy's exhuberance but I see I have nothing to worry about at all.

I gave her teacher a letter about her food dye allergies and told her to call me if she had any questions. She seemed to appreciate that.

Suprisingly enough... I didn't bawl. Tomorrow I have to leave her there though... let the waterworks flow ;)

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Robyn said...

omg, she looks like jeff in that second picture!

i can't believe she's in kindergarten already! i'm glad it's going well so far. :)