Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stuff and stuff

Maddy had 2.5 hours of kindergarten today. It was nice, I won't lie. lol! I got up to do her hair (note to self: teach daddy to braid) and then went back to bed with Phoenix (who btw slept 8 hours straight last night!) Olivia got up about 9:30 and climbed into bed with us. We went and picked M up at 11. She was so excited that she actually got to stay long enough today to have snack and recess! Woot woot!

I asked her teacher about the little boy who was hitting/biting/kicking and spitting. She said he'll be back but he'll have a full time aid. It appears that his parents were trying to get him into regular school and hoping no one would notice he was a fucking maniac. Nice. I'm not sure what his issues are but I know that they are many.

It's Maddy's birthday on friday and her party is on sunday. 5 already!!! Her and Olivia are spending the night at grandma roses so they'll have a blast. Apparently she's taking them out for dinner as well. The only slightly annoying thing is that their "cousins" brandon and travis will be there too for the dinner part... they are always there.

Plans are finalized for the pj/pizza party. It should be fun :) I'm taking muffins for M's birthday to her class on friday. She asked to hand them out :)

Maddy got some packages yesterday and cards today. Yesterday she got a Hello kitty calculator, a "make your own" calendar and a book (click clack moo) Today she got a Ballet tickelope card from grandma rose and grandpa al and a $15 cheque and card from jeff's grandma. She was so excited!

Well I made a macaroni/tuna cassarole with a cracker/butter topping for dinner and some brocolli and cauliflower veggies. Jeff should be home soon and then we can eat.

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