Tuesday, September 19, 2006

1:00 am


The baby is finally in bed (now lets hope he stays asleep... he just finished nursing for like an hour so he should be good to go.

Yesterday was Maddy's party. It went awesome! All of the kids played together nicely. The only kids that fought were brandon and travis and they are brothers. They had a BLAST playing, shouting, running, cuddling... they loved making the pizza's (not so much eating them ;) ) and watching Brother Bear. Almost everyone actually SAT and ate while they watched the movie! I was seriously impressed. Every one gorged on my pizza (even Mike said it was good... for Hippie pizza) and they all loved how the pizza cake turned out! I think they were fooled into thinking that it was actually pizza. It really did look like it! Maddy got tons of cool pressies (mostly princess stuff, clothes and some cool toys) and she loved everything. I loved everything! Except... the moon sand.

Moon sand is supposed to be kinda like play doh. Cept it's actually NOTHING LIKE PLAY DOUGH and just serves to spread the joy of coloured sand all over your house. This is an outside toy ;)

Last night we were all so stuffed from the party food that we just snacked if we were hungry. I didn't bother making dinner. The kids ate some popcorn at around 7ish and they were good.

It was a good day. I had fun. The kids had fun. It was fun.

Today was .. not so fun.

Maddy's first full day of kindy didn't go so well. She was good apparently until after lunch and then when she was playing house in the school kitchen she started crying. She missed me. Her teacher gave her some tissues and a hug and then she was ok. She's never really been away from me with anyone except people that I trust with my life. It's an adjustment... she'll do fine. I keep wondering if I'll be fine ;)

Olivia and I slept in a bit (Phoenix slept in a lot) and then played ponies, puppies, read some stories, ate A&W for lunch (special treat!) watched some tree house and just hung out. We picked Maddy up at 2:30. We walk over there with Phoenix in the pouch. He just sleeps the whole time :)

Tonight we went to save on to buy some rice milk (their house brand is 1.99 a litre. Good price!) and searched around for a wireless router.

Speaking of which... THE COMPUTER COMES TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! yay yay and double yay!

Tonight I had a good rant on the phone with Robyn about various things. I'm on a very mainstream parenting board that I have been a part of for like 6 years. Most of the time I'm good at ignoring things but sometimes... I want to scream.

Like the person who's talking about letting their less that one month old baby cry themselves to sleep... but hey it's only for two minutes.

Like all the people who circ'ed their sons so "they would look like their dad."

Like the person who ACTUALLY ASKED if their baby only eating twice a day was okay...

*head explodes*

If I didn't have mothering.commune to temper this off I think I'd go mad.

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Jessica Jones said...

Great blog -- I've missed reading it! Funny how you can miss someone you've never met, you know?

Anyways, keep up the good work on the school board. Maybe someday you can get through to them...the twits.