Monday, September 04, 2006


Was a pretty good day. I was awoken by jeff this morning at 10 am with a momma on the phone having nursing issues with her 12 day old baby. Both LC's are out right now (one with a broken arm and one on vacation) so I opted to go for a home visit. I don't HAVE to according to LLL guidelines but I felt it was warranted.

Teeny baby... teeny. Just over 6 lbs and the cutest little sprite of a girl :) It all of a sudden got really hot here yesterday and today and baby was not wanting to nurse and falling asleep at the breast. Pretty common in a wee hot baby. I advised the mama on how to deal with engorgement, showed her a different hold and the breast sandwich technique and suggested they move into the very cool basement. As soon as we got baby downstairs she latched and nursed well for 20 minutes ;) I think they'll be fine. First time jittery parents just needing some support.

We then took Maddy to the clinic for a suspected uti. Suspected turned into raging uti and she's on antibiotics. I would prefer to do things more natural but she's in so much pain :( Hopefully this kicks it and she feels better soon.

Olivia, Phoenix and I went and visited Robyn and the kids after the clinic. The girls played very quietly while Robyn and I got to chat. Mike headed to the hospital with a suspected? broken foot. I have not heard back what the result of that was.

French toast for dinner. Yum.

Phoenix is in bed without having a bed time nursing. I took him in the bath and apparently that wore him out. Daddy tried him and jammied him... he passed out. lol!

Well I think I'll go crash on the couch for a bit while Jeff watches Kill bill volume 1. Again.

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