Friday, September 22, 2006

Daily ramblings

I'm having a conversation with jeff about blogging... he asks why I continue to blog when no one reads it and no one comments. Quite frankly I blog because... I do! I write about my day, my feelings, my hopes and fears. I don't care if anyone ever reads this. I find blogging on blogger to be easy and since I am online anyways I might as well just write here. Between this and my former blog I have been keeping an online blog for almost two years. (and apparently Jeff just informed me that my mouth hangs open when I type) Thanks Jeff ;) (his blog is so go bash him there if you want) lol!

Well onwards...

A fairly good day today. I had my leader orientation meeting for Mother Goose today. Richard informed me that this is his last session that he will be my co-leader. The politics involved are just not making it fun for him anymore. I'm sad. He's a fantastic guy and a great leader.

Olivia had preschool. She had a good day. Apparently no one wanted to play with her today so she played alone (this was from her) and since Jassy is on vacation she was lonely. Poor livy ;) I told her that she'll make friends and it's only the second week to not lose heart.

Tonight Phoenix and I watched tv (well he nursed for a couple of hours and I watched a show on bullying) and Jeff played "Dawn of War" on the computer. He geeked out. It's funny to watch him play computer games and looking all serious like.

Last night I went out for coffee with my friend Mandy. We went to tastebuds and had some rockin cheesecake. It was fun. She's cool to hang out with. Then we came back here for a bit. She's heading to England for three weeks so hopefully we can get together for a bit before then.

But after I got home, Phoenix only ate once and then went to bed. And didn't wake up until 7:30 am!!! Yah... my boobs were ready to burst. So I broke out the pump and pumped off 6 oz of liquid gold in 5 minutes. Not that I'll ever offer him a bottle but it's good to have... I guess. I ended up giving all the milk that I pumped when Livy was born to a friend that adopted a baby boy. Not sure what I'll do with this small stash.

Jeff's now sleeping in his chair and I should head to bed. Phoenix went to bed at around 12:15am and I want to go snuggle.

Off to my mom and dad's tomorrow night for a spegetti dinner. If I hear one more comment about how I should take him off the boob and put him on formula because he's "too fat" I will freak. Totally and completely.

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