Thursday, September 07, 2006

Olivia's first day of preschool!

She loved it :) I found out there are 14 kids in the class (and I think only one boy?) and three teachers. Olivia got a chance to chat with all three of them and thought they were very nice. She played with playdoh, cut and coloured, played with blocks and "cooked" in the wood kitchen. I asked her if I can drop her off next week alone and she can play, she's cool with that. She loved the low toilet and counters ;)

Preschool is only $85 for two days a week so that is pretty good! I think she'll have fun :)

In other news... our drain in our furnace room was backing up so we called Roto Rooter to come out and take a look. Apparently it's our washing machine doing it and it's fairly common. Meanwhile though the guy tracked BLACK FUCKING SLUDGE through our house! I got ticked and told him what he had done and asked how to clean it. He to ME to go and get some spot shot and that would talk care of it... ummm... no. Your mess buddy.

So I called the office and "Al" said that was absolutely unnaceptable and he would send him back to clean it. Well the wife ended up coming instead and she did an awesome job... appologized a million times. Good! Clean up your mess asshole next time. The wife said her husband was not impressed that one of his workers did this... hopefully he'll get in shit. Is that evil? Maybe ;)

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Robyn said...

slightly evil...but totally commendable. ;)