Saturday, September 16, 2006

Quick entry

Maddy's party is tomorrow at 2.... I finished my grocery shopping for said party at 9:30 tonight!!!! The house is mostly clean (curtesy of Jeff) he just has to wash floors and do the bathrooms. I've got three sets of pizza dough rising and then to bake them. I'm doing one pizza with ham, red onions and pineapple and one pizza with salami,pepperoni,onions, shrumes and peppers. The kids will each get their own shell and get to make their own!

Since it's a pj party we'll also have popcorn, cake, pretzles, cheezy snacks, juice. I'll read them a new story, we'll pop in a movie, they can colour in pictures of their very own pizza's :) We'll also have goodie bags and such.

I'm excited. Hard work though!

Maddy and Liv had a great time at grandma's last night... with brandon and travis... and jasmyn and grayson... I swear Rose does just not want to be alone with my kids. Oh well.

Well off to nurse Phoenix and then get back to work.

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