Monday, August 28, 2006

We're home...

sigh... can I go back yet?

It's not that there is anything inherantly WRONG with Prince George. But it just sucks so much ass that it's not even funny. I need to pack up my best friend and her kids and take her with Jeff, me and the kids and then I can leave. Cause really? She's about the only person I'd honestly miss. How sad is that?

We had a mostly good unevenful trip down. Massive traffic getting onto the Portman bridge. Phoenix now officially fucking hates the car. No other way to put it. lol! I spent quite a few hours on this trip in the back seat with my pinky in his mouth. Honestly? If I thought he would have taken a pacifier at this stage in the game I probably would have bought one. But alas it was the finger for him ;)

We got into Vancouver at 6:30 (after leaving PG at 4:30am!!!) ordered some pizza and we all fell into bed. Jeff and Liv slept together, Phoenix and I together and Maddy wanted to sleep on the floor. We got up early the next day and did some shopping and visited Jeff's sister and bil. We were in Sechelt by 7:30 pm that day. It was nice to be there.

We did tons of beach combing, walks, picking blackberries, visiting, singing, shopping... all the vacationy things. We wanted to get to Victoria to visit Jeff's grandma and Heather (sorry heather!!!) but we ran out of time and money. Why the hell are ferries so damn expensive?

It was a great trip. I am sad to be back. I love it there and I need to move there some day soon. Jeff's on the look out for jobs (I love that man) and then I can return to my home land :)

We've been cleaning and organizing. The baby is laying on his sheepskin on the couch and the girls are "tidying" Liv's room ;)

Easy dinner tonight and then relaxation. I think I'll have a baby free bath.

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Babs said...

I didn't realize you'd be gone so long! I was starting to get all worried. :-D
I'm glad your trip went well!!