Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dr. Phil.. and random stuff

So I was watching Dr. Phil today (yah yah... I know. Hey the girls were napping and Phoenix was glued to the boob and there was nothing else on!) and it was quite possibly the most horrific episode I have ever seen. To sum it up there was the most EVIL mother I could ever possibly imagine on there. She swore, screamed, beat, humiliated her kids (come to think of it I used to know someone like that) on a daily basis. I cried through the whole episode to think of these poor sweet babies just beaten down by their mother. She.. should be shot. Hands down.

I think of how I am struggling with Olivia lately and her very "threeness" I was blessed to have the most mellow child in the planet until about one month before Phoenix's birth. She then realized that she didn't actually HAVE to do the things that I asked of her and that she was in possesion of her own free will. Sigh. It sucks. lol! I am working on giving her a choice in everything and not sweating the small stuff. She wants to wear her puppy costume to bed? Sure! It's not going to kill her. She wants her pillow on the opposite side of the bed? Sure! She wants to be naked? Who cares! Hopefully... this will work. I'm already feeling less stressed and hopefully she will soon.

Tonight I sat and held a mini mother goose session with the girls while Phoenix hung out on my lap. We sung for about an hour. The girls got their "babies" (cabbage patch dolls, Angelina and Leslie) and they participated. During various times through the session babies were "nursed" and "changed"... sometimes they had to use the potty or get kisses for owies. My little ladies are going to be the best mothers some day. They wear their babies in slings and talk about how tiny babies DO NOT need needles in their bodies and about how some food is very good for your body but some is not. Speaking of which...

Last night we had Ground Chicken Taco's for dinner. Maddy actually made her own Taco and put (get this!) chopped tomato's AND onions AND salsa AND lettuce on it! She's claimed to have hated tomato's and onions for a while now and all of a sudden she is eating them. yayyyy Madeline!

Madeline also can write her entire name in upper and lower case letters, write her phone number, knows her address and birthday. She's got the whole upper case alphabet figured out and most of the lower. She knows all her shapes, colours, seasons and days of the week. She is set for kindergarten. But am I? Sob!

I am actually kind of looking forward to september. Maddy is full day kindy Monday, wednesday and alternating fridays. Olivia is in afternoon pre-school tuesday and thursday from 1-3:30 at the child developement center with Jassy. Then on saturday both have ballet, one right after another. Busy busy! I've actually been kind of bored for the past couple of weeks. I can't wait to get back into the fall routine of Mother Goose, LLL meetings, Baby Friendly meetings and such.

Well it's a full moon tonight so off to worship for a bit. After being awake until 6:30 AM!!!! last night Phoenix is actually in bed right now! So I should join him.

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