Monday, August 07, 2006

Hodge Podge

Friday night jeff and I went out for dinner while Rose watched the girls. We went to White Spot and it was fantastic! I had this Tuscan Chicken Pasta that was fantastic. Phoenix slept through appy's, dinner and desert in his KK fleece pouch. I LOVE this thing! He woke just after desert and had his dinner while jeff and I chatted :) Our server was asking about it and if it was good for breastfeeding in so we talked for a bit about the advantages of baby wearing and such.

After dinner we went to Winners and picked up the rest of Grayson's pressie (some Mega Blocks baby stuff) and bought the girls suitcases for our trip. Maddy got Cinderella (of course) and Olivia got Strawberry Shortcake. Phoenix already has his Franklin one so we are good to! We also got the kids (just because they rock and we love them) some extra pressies. Maddy a doctors set (she's been hankering for one for forever!) and Olivia a Melissa and Doug Log Barn and animal set for like 12.99! I love Winners for wood toys. After winners we went to hell*mart and bought pickles, tea, picture frames, gum and something else that I can't remember.

Saturday was Graysons party and we had a good time :) It was in the park and it did rain most of the time but the kids still played and had fun. Robyn's friend Teryn was there and spent a good deal of time talking to jeff *roll eyes* She knows I dislike her intensely ;) After the shit she pulled on me about how I was excluding her from LLL playgroups and such I just can't stand her. I was polite however :) She was telling jeff how Conner is turning her into a health nut. Ummm.. sure. This is the woman that gives her kid COKE so he'll tolerate being left with a babysitter. Hey... not my kid!

We then hit the fruit/veggie stand on first ave and got almost all my veggies for $20! Rockin! Then we bought Olivia a pine shelving unit. We didn't stack the shelves like we were supposed to so she has two. I bought some cool baskets for them and viola! Instant organizational system. Wonder upon wonders she ACTUALLY put her toys back when she was finished with them today! Then I went grocery shopping.

Today was spent packing stuff to mail, hitting the mall (jeff got some rockin deals on clothes for himself... and more dad slippers) and chilling at home. Some Pork Soulvlaki for dinner with veggie chips and suger snap peas. Yum.

Jeff's passed out on the bed (tons of sex will do that to you every time) Phoenix is passed out in his cradle in the living room and I'm about 10 feet away from him on the puter. It's almost one am and he's been sleeping since about 9:45 pm! He sleeps well when he wants to ;) I'm thinking of waking him, changing him and then taking him to bed to nurse and sleep. But I'm kind of enjoying the quiet and the alone time.

I'm re reading my "How to talk so kids will listen, and listen so kids will talk" I need more idea's on how to deal with and evade the three year old temper tantrums and how to evade the jealousy coming from Madeline these days. Have I mentioned I can't wait for kindergarten and pre-school to start? lol.

Well... off to read my "memoirs of a geisha" I'm about 2/3 of the way through and it's SO much better than the movie. Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight.

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