Saturday, August 12, 2006

New pics and a fun day

Well we got a call at 9am saying the Elisabeth had the flu and the party was postponed until next wednesday. So what to do? We ended up going to the fair for 4 hours and had a GREAT time! The kids petted all the animals and did the face painting. We had snacks and went on a wagon ride. All the usual fair things :)

We cleaned out the car (well jeff cleaned out the van) tonight in prep of our trip. It's supposed to be anywhere from +32 to +37 while we are there!!!! Holy hot!

Now for some new cute pics of the kidelts :)

Phoenix yesterday sucking on his frog :) 10 weeks!

Olivia... 3 years old :)

Maddy... almost 5 :)

I have the cutest kids in the world. And no I am not biased ;)


Jessica Jones said...

No, it's true. You *do* have the cutest kids in the world! LOL

Babs said...

Your kids are gorgeous.
And OMG look at Phoenix!!! He will never pass for a white kid.