Wednesday, August 02, 2006

ho hum...

It's another dreary day. I like it this way as it means we are not BAKING OUR BRAINS OUT!

Today I got the kitchen cleaned, dishes in the dishwasher and foccacia is rising on the counter. We are going to a Lammas ritual tonight and needed something for the picnic. I think I'll pick up some hummus and juice boxes on the way.

Hopefully the kids will be into listening and actually being a part of the ritual. If not we'll step off to the side so they can play and then Jeff can actually take part. It would be the second one in a row that I would miss but it bothers me less and for less time to miss them than it does jeff.

I am very lucky to have him but lately I feel as if he is resentful of me and the kids because of everything he has to do. Phoenix nurses so much and so often and refuses to be put down that I find I can't do stuff like laundry and dishes with him in the sling. So jeff ends up taking on most of the household chores plus working all day, plus putting the kids to bed. One wonders how much longer he would continue to do this before throwing up his hands and fucking off...

So today is day one of "take back the house" lol. I imagine that Phoenix will be spending even more time in his sling and the kids will be even more neglected. But hey at least their dad won't ask for a divorce! That's something.

meh... I'm pissy today.

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Samurai Shisho said...

I will not ask for a divorce! I do as much as I can in the house to keep you sane. If you're sane, I'm sane.