Friday, August 04, 2006

Tired, tired, tired...

Me and the baby!

It's been a long day. The kids and I spent the day up at my friend Jean's place. Her daughter Elisabeth is Maddy's age and she has a wee baby that is 6 weeks older than Phoenix (well he's actually more like 17ish pounds... so not so wee!) After the kids went through an initial re-adjustment period and learning one anothers boundries they had a great day! At one point Jean had to take Elisabeth aside and talk to her about sharing, she was having issues with it. It got better. We made cookies and then sat outside on the porch swing nursin our babes and watching the kids play in the backyard. The only way the day could have been better is if Robyn and kidlets were there :) Their cat was being neutered though and Mike needed the van to pick him up.

Tonight we had some chicken dogs and chips for dinner. Oh hurray nutritious ;)

Jeff and I reserved the hotel for our trip to Sechelt in two weeks (two weeks! Oh yay!!!!) We're spending one night in Vancouver so we can do some shopping and see his sis and BIL. I am sooo looking forward to going to Ikea!

Phoenix is very fussy today. He wants to spend all of his time either nursing or fussing. It will pass. In the meantime though I am sooooo tired. Someone suggested I should give him a bottle. Meh. Yah like that will help. No thank you. No artificial nipples for this boy!

Tomorrow the girls are going to Rose's for a PJ party (note to self... pick up a movie for them) and Jeff, Phoenix and I get to go for dinner! Afterwards we're picking up a shelving system for Olivia's toys and buying the rest of Gray's birthday pressie. It's his party on saturday (at Ft. George if it's nice) so that will be a good time :) I need to grocery shop at some point too. We were going to go camping this weekend but I forgot about Gray's party. Good auntie I am!

Well hopefully little man will think of sleeping soon. I'm exhausted.

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