Tuesday, August 01, 2006

That's one big baby!

At 8 weeks old our wee tiny little 7lbs 7oz when born Phoenix... weighs

14 freaking pounds!

All of a sudden he has outgrown his infant prefolds that I was counting on for another month at least!

So now I've got to buy premium prefolds and some bigger covers stat! Thankfully payday is friday.

So I've got 2.5 dozen premium prefolds (I was going to get the indian kind but shipping to canada plus duties is pretty pricey) just the green earth textiles ones (but unbleached) and 2 medium Bummis velcro (just for Jeff!) picked out and ready to pay for. The small ME covers still fit and I have two medium ones and one medium/large one. I think I'll pick up another two medium ones and then I should be good to go... for a bit at least.

Wow. Big baby!

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