Saturday, August 12, 2006


This would be the name of our new operating system. It's actually a derivative of Linux and so far it's pretty cool! Now that Microsoft has started this "have to have a real copy of their operating system" we decided to become legal and use different software. It looks pretty much the same and acts pretty much the same but apparently much more versatile. Honestly? As long as I can get on the net and fool around with pictures I'm all good.

The past couple of days have been pretty good. Yesterday the kids had a picnic lunch outside and Maddy selected and gathered all the food together while I sat on my patio (my carport lol) and drank my tea. We had fun feeding the ants All-bran bars. Talked to the various neighbors and picked some saskatoons. Checked on the apples (not ready yet) and took a neighbors dog home.

Today we stayed inside mostly. I was very tired for some reason. Phoenix was a fusspot tonight. He gets really overtired and does not want to nurse, cuddle or anything conduitive to sleep. I usually end up with him on my shoulder and patting his butt. I wonder if this will turn into a spanking fetish when he gets older? lol!

We went and got Maddy's school supplies. Crayola crayons make me happy. I don't know why :) $35 later and I think she's ready.

Only 7 more days till we're in Vancouver! Hurrayyyyy!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Elisabeth's (Maddy's friend) 5th birthday party. We made her a "pin the worm on the apple" game and bought her a Cinderella Barbie that was on sale from $50 to $24! Good deal. Hopefully it's nice so all the kids can go in the pool.

Last night was LLL. It was a pretty full meeting and fun was had by all. I get kind of annoyed at C though (she's my other leader) as she ALWAYS arrives later than I do (we're supposed to show up at 6:30 to set up and she always gets there at like 6:45) so by the time she's there I've already done most of the lifting and such. I'm only 10 weeks pp after a c-section so I probably should not be lifting 100 lb book boxes! After the meeting though I sat and chatted and made her put everything away ... evil? Slightly.

I hear my husband snoring away in my chair :)

Phoenix is in bed (for the last half hour) and I should head there. I have a horrible tooth ache and nothing is touching it. Maybe if I sleep I won't be able to feel it. I do have t3's if it gets too bad...

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