Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My baby is growing up...

Waaaahhhh! Maddy and daddy left about 20 minutes ago for kindergarten registration. She turns 5 in september and here you have to turn 5 before December 31st on the year you go to school. So she'll be one of the younger ones but she's very mature and bright so I know she'll do well.

Of course I am such a dolt I totally forgot about the vaccination issue. Jeff asks as they are walking out... "so what if they ask if she is vaccinated?" I'm like... ummm... well... and of course I can't remember if they require it or not! I looked it up though and thankfully BC kids don't have any mandatory vaccination nessesary.

The thing that is wigging me out about this school is it's full day kindergarden. Two times one week and then three times the next week (so monday, wednesday one week and then rotating fridays.) I'm sure she'll do well. I hope she'll do well. Sigh.

It just seems to wierd. To be having a baby... and watching my first baby go to school.

Just rambling... Livia is still sleeping and this baby is playing hide and go boo with my bladder

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