Monday, February 27, 2006

It's a BOY!

First of all... baby looks GREAT! Measuring 25 weeks 1 day, 1 lb 14 oz, all systems go.

My cervix is long long long so those contractions were doing squat! Great!!! My placenta has moved waaaay up to the top of my uterus which is awesome.

We also now know the gender ;)

Let it be said that my mommy instincts are COMPLETELY off ;)

We will be having a wonderful little BOY! Wow! The tech asked if we wanted to know and there was NO mistaking it. She got about 7 or 8 shots and yep... penis, testicles. boy. BOY! I'm blown away.

Wow. I'm going to have a son. Wow.

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Babs said...

OMG! A boy!! Congratulations. That's amazing, and wonderful. And I'm so glad you're feeling good. :)