Monday, March 13, 2006

A bunch of sicko's

Is what Olivia and I are today. We were at my other mother's last wednesday and we came in contact with a sick boy cousin and a sick aunt. Olivia's cousin Jassy ended up sick for her birthday party on saturday and I think Olivia was already feeling punky by then... she was pretty clingy and whiney (she's not usually like that.) Yesterday she ate no breakfast, 1/4 of a pb sandwich for lunch and two oven fries for dinner. After determining she had a temp of 103 I gave her a bath, a popsicle and sent her to bed, at 6:30. I checked on her many times last night and she was warmish... but ok. Then this morning she woke me and she was still at 102.1. Poor babe.

Of course now my nose is running and I feel shitty... was I not JUST SICK? The wait for Maddy to get this is now on.

We did so much running around this weekend. After trying every single dress that Maddy own's on her for the party, we determined that ONE DRESS out of 10 DRESSES fit her. Everything fits body wise... but she just shot up another 4 inches so everything is way too short. Be damned if I am paying 15-20 bucks a dress for her to play in (she LOVES to wear dresses. All the time.) So we went to Value village and got a total of 9 dresses (four for M and five for O) for $40. So cute. And they are all basically brand new summery dresses.

We also got the recyling done, old clothes donated, some groceries bought. Some housework done, the driveway chalked... (lol! maddy and daddy did some awesome artwork)

I'm off back to bed. Maddy will be up soon and I need some more rest before dealing with her for the day.

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