Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What is a mom...

Someone to be abused constantly apparently.

Jeff let me sleep in this morning. I got up, he shoveled the driveway. He was getting ready to take a shower and I was watching the kids play with their wooden train set. After being GOOD AS GOLD all morning while I was sleeping... the second I get up Maddy starts acting up. Yelling at her sister, throwing things around, not listening to a word I say. We've been having this problem where when I ask her to hand me something she just chucks it at me. I AM NOT A PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!! She really makes me feel like I am sometimes. How is it that a fucking FOUR YEAR OLD has that power over me????

I'm repeating "use gentle voices maddy... we're right here! Toys are for playing not for throwing, listen to mommy I am saying something you need to hear... WE DON'T THROW THINGS AT MOMMY! HAND IT TO ME NICELY!"

I have little to no patience. I'm not sleeping very well at night. Olivia was grouchy due to teeth all day yesterday. I'm still supposed to be taking it easy. Blerg.

On that note; how come every time I have to leave the house I want to scream. I have mother goose tonight. I have to bake a cake. The task seems huge to me. I don't WANT to make snack. I don't WANT to go to mother goose. But I do you know?

Sigh. It's one of those days.

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Babs said...

Tempest is doing the throwing things thing, like Maddy. I feel the same way. She pushes my buttons in a way that she pushes no one elses, and some of my friends have seen it. She just acts DIFFERENT. It's very frustrating.