Monday, March 06, 2006

Frodo... lost his mojo...

He's frodo the mojo less cat!

That would be a little ditty composed by my husband. Frodo the blue and white persian, at the tender age of 8 months... has been separated from his testicles today. He seems pretty pissed about the whole thing I have to say ;) He's still zoo'ed out of his tree and very very mellow. Tell me though, when they say to keep the cat from running and jumping, how do they think we are supposed to do that exactly?

I had a good day. Jeff got up with the kids and let me sleep until 10am. Then I was back in bed at 1pm for a nap and slept until 4:30! I got up and Jeff made cheese tortelini and pesto for dinner. We never dreamed the kids would eat the pesto so jeff put some tomato sauce on theirs for them. Of course... they wanted the pesto. I have strange children.

We drove around for a bit tonight after doing some shopping. We needed water and a birthday gift for Jassy (my niece). She's turning three! She's three months younger than Olivia which means Olivia is turning three soon... sigh. We bought her a wooden doll furniture set with a table and two chairs, high chair and cradle. I think she will like it :)

Off for now. Olivia fell asleep while we were driving so she's in bed already. maddy and daddy are reading a ballet story and then she'll be down. Ahhhh... the sound of sweet silence.

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