Friday, March 10, 2006

Well that was wierd...

I went out last night with a friend. A friend that I have not even SEEN despite being in the same town... for 10 years! I saw her at the mall last saturday, she gave me her card, I wrote her an email, we got together. Wierd.

We met in grade eight and were best friends all through highschool and for a couple of years after. Then she got a boyfriend, kinda ditched all of us, I moved in with my boyfriend and we lost touch.

Whats strange is that even after 10 FREAKING YEARS it's like I just saw her yesterday. We talked non stop for almost 4 hours. We went out to a restaurant and had a hard time shutting up to even eat our food. It's amazing! I just feel so... wow... I don't know... energized? We've also just connected and it's cool to see that we still do.

After eating and talking (and talking and talking) I brought her home to meet my husband ;) We're probably going to get together this weekend so that she can meet my kids and I can meet her guy.

It was just meant to happen. Fate... or the stars are lined up JUST RIGHT. Or something. I really don't care what. I am glad that I found my friend again :)

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