Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oh blerg...

I just spent the last 1/2 hour cleaning out my fridge, freezer and pantry. It was smellin kinda manky. I don't know why we keep bottles of assorted crap with like 1/4 inch of stuff in the bottom... and then CONTINUE to keep them for like... two years. Blerg. So there is officially no food in my fridge. One bag of carrots. Some pears and apples. 3 jars of salsa and some pickles. Oh and soy cheese and eggs. Thank goodness payday is friday or we might all starve to death. After I write this I have to go smash up all the boxes for recyling. I'm planning also to declutter the hallway closet and maybe the junk cupboard in the kitchen. I'm nesting.

It's recently come to light that my "sister" (her parents basically raised me from young teenagerhood has been living with a pedophile for the last four years. He's now been found with NASTY pics of little (and I mean little) girls on his computer. He's been pulled into the police station twice now! He really just needs to be taken out back and fucking shot. There's some concern raised that he might have pics of my kids on his computer. He has a camera phone and they found pics of HIS daughters pantied vulva on the computer... who knows how long he's been taking pics like this. he's never been alone with my kids but we've all been camping together and he's been around the parent's place with just out of the bath naked kidlets running around... I don't even want to think about him "thinking" about my girls :(

Well off to keep cleaning. Baby is fine. I'm fine. Girls are fine :)

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