Tuesday, June 26, 2007

sunny day

I'm meh. Worried about my mom. Trying to keep myself very preoccupied. It's not really working.

I tidied the kitchen. Cleaned my room. Folded and put away five loads of laundry.

The girls have a picnic snack and are eating outside on the patio table. Cut up bananas, apples and granola bars. I have all the windows and the front door open so I can hear them. They know the rules anyways but it can't hurt to be careful.

Phoenix is having a nap. He's been so incredibly happy for the last four or five days... ever since we put him on the floor on a futon. I think along with him waking me up, I was waking him up. He's getting more sleep. He's actually napping. He's HAPPY. I don't mind crawling down to nurse him 2-3 times a night. It beats being up all night with a screaming unhappy baby.

It's a beautiful day. 21 degree's. The wind is blowing a wonderfully warm summer wind. I think I'll ask jeff if we can take the girls to the park tonight.

I love my view. I'm sad that I'll only have it for at most another two years. Sigh.

Jeff applied for a job in Medicine Hat Alberta. I was kinda meh on going there until I heard that the university has a conservatory of music and dance and that he'd probably get free dance tuition for the girls. That's worth it's weight in gold right there.

Sigh. I wish it were the weekend and i knew what was going on with my mom. The not knowing is murder.

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