Tuesday, June 19, 2007

mish mash mosh... part two

Olivia is four as of Saturday. I cannot believe that she is four! She's just so teeny tiny and just so much a little person to me. Four. Wow. She graduates from 3-4 year preschool to 4-5 year preschool (lol) on Thursday and then on Friday we have her end of year picnic. Which Jeff will be unable to attend. Just like he'll be unable to attend her graduation. Which if he would have informed Mary (his supervisor) of these things two weeks ago when I told him, she would have had a chance to work them into the schedule. So I'm not sure how I'm getting to these celebrations, or getting home from them either. I might end up having to walk... although that's a loooong walk with a little person who does not tolerate walking long distances. Oh well... guess it's my problem and not his.

Madeline graduates from kindergarten on Monday. It's her last day. She's pretty bummed that she has a whole summer with no school. We'll keep in touch with her friends and then with dance camps and such she'll have lots to do.

This Wednesday is recital rehearsal with recital being Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Then we're having Emma (M's friend) and Jassy over for a sleepover. We'll rent a movie and get some healthy junk food. Jeff's been offered the evening out away from us so I'm sure he'll snatch that up... missing the bachelor life that he is ;)

We're doing the "No cry sleep solution" and when Phoenix is not suffering the effects of his wheat issues he's sleeping awesome. 3-4 hour stretches. Easy to get back to sleep. Goes to bed after his nightly routine (bath, massage, teeth, stories, nursing and bed) at like 7:30-8:30!!! We're pretty happy.

Well off to make any last minute adjustments to Maddy's costume...

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