Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree...

Yah it's that time of year again. The time when I start making lists and preparing to buy/make yule pressies so I DON'T HAVE TO DO IT in november/december. Wish me luck.

I have a budget of $20 each for the nieces/nephews I really like; $10 per kid for the ones I have to buy for and $10 for the one kid of a friend we buy for. $20-25 for each of our parent's and small homemade gifts and pictures for our grandparents. Then we're doing baking and pictures for our friends and siblings.

So because I'll lose my list... I'll post it here.

Jasmyn- Melissa and Doug pirate chest ($7) Fairy workbook ($12)
Grayson- Melissa and Doug wooden Pizza set ($20)
Kylee- Books (maybe Nancy Drew) and some hair stuff ($20)
Alex- wooden name letters, wooden dinosaur, paint and brush ($10)
Brandon and Travis- $10 Blockbuster gift card, popcorn and chocolate bars ($15)
Ella- Melissa and Doug wooden animal puzzle train ($20)

My mom- Heart Grandmother birthstone necklace from Doodles Jewell's ($25)
My dad- funny t shirt and music ($25)
Larry- either a wine magazine subscription or wine related supplies ($25)
Diane- Heart Grandmother birthstone necklace from Doodles Jewell's ($25)
Rose- book on either massage or reflexology ($25)
Al- funny t shirt and $10 worth of Timmies GC's ($25)
Grandma M- $20 GC for nails
Grandma C and K- pictures and ornament ($5)

For the kids this year we are starting a "something you need, something to read and something you want." Plus a couple presents from Santa. So for the something you need, both girls are getting tiny 1cm pentagram pendants. Something to read, Maddy will get the Little House on the Prairie box set and Olivia will get the Narnia box set. Something they want and the santa things will wait till closer. Phoenix is going to get some wood toys... maybe some wood food and a wood fishing puzzle. Stuff like that. I think maybe a baby Waldorf doll for "something he wants." lol!

Jeff is still busy geeking out with his models tonight. Going on over 3 hours now! Go Jeff! My ass is numb from all this surfing but I've sent out emails for custom stuff and searched ebay till my eyes bled...

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Robyn said...

dude...you are so way more organized than i am. i ought to have my xmas shopping done by approximately...december 23rd. you rock!