Sunday, June 10, 2007

next week...

I WILL RELAX! I swear I will. I have been on the go constantly non-stop for the last week. Thank goodness Phoenix nurses because with all this being on the road all the time it's the only way he gets fed!

All the costumes bags are done and handed out. I just need to sew my own now.

I've had less than four hours of broken sleep each night for the past two nights. I spent thursday in the er and friday doing costumes.

Today was one of the most gut wrenching days I've ever had. I won't go into big details but a friend of a friend had her child removed from her custody due to mental health issues. I was there when it happened... her child is all of six years old and have never been without her mommy. *tears*

I've eaten entirely too many green frogs tonight.

My baby boy is ONE!!! He was one last week but that just goes to show how little time I've been on the puter. He's crawling, loving, talking... he's just a joy... most days.

Tomorrow is the big birthday party for him and Olivia. I think everything is done. I usually end up buying all the fruit and veggies and washing, cutting, organizing them myself. Well Costco has huge fruit and veggie platters for 13.99 each. SOLD! I bought one of each, some snacks, ordered both kids cakes (Magic of Pegasus for Liv and Pirates of the Caribbean for Phoenix) got goody bag stuff. All presents are bought (not wrapped but they are in the bedroom where Phoenix and Jeff are sleeping) and I think I'm ready.

For Phoenix's first birthday we bought him:
A wooden pull animal puzzle train from Melissa and Doug
An old fashioned Fisher Price Chatter Phone
Pack of 5 soft playskool cars
4 outfits

Olivia is getting:
rollerblades, Barbie ones that go over her shoes ($15!)
Melissa and Doug 48 piece wood pirate puzzle
Melissa and Doug wood pirate chest to decorate
Polly Pocket dog walking set
Littlest Pet shop two pack of animals
2 outfits

I went a bit wild... but didn't spend more that $100 per kid. We also bought Madeline an outfit and a hat. They always get a little something on the other kids birthday.

We're birthday partying at the park... it better not rain! I just checked the forcast and it's a 70% chance... maybe kids will come in their rain gear?

I need to tidy the house and go to bed. I'll probably do neither.

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