Sunday, June 03, 2007

Oh gawd...

Save me from the mountain of tulle that has taken over my living room. I offered to be the costume mom for both Madeline and Olivia's ballet classes. Olivia's class are pink pigs. It was SUPPOSED to be easy... a body suit, a big frilly tutu (both purchased by the studio) I would cut out ears and tail and then put the bags together. The parents sew their own child's costume. But ... tutu's are back ordered. SO... we have to MAKE tutu's. This involves cutting mountains of tulle into strips, counting out strips and putting them into bags. Not only for Olivia's class (of nine girls) but Madeline's clown costumes require tutu's as well. All 12 girls. 35 strips for each tutu. 21 tutu's... do the math. That's a FUCK of a lot of tulle.

Ahh... the clowns. Bodysuits, tutu's (multicoloured... we have six colours of tulle as opposed to just white for olivia's class) clown hats, neck ruffles, wrist ruffles, ankle ruffles, pompoms on the body and sequins on the tip of EVERY SINGLE STRIP OF TULLE on the tutu. Oh the parents are going to LOVE me... not.

So after about six hours worth of work I have the pig bags almost ready to go. I'm done half the tutu strips but everything else except the ear claw clips and sequins are all sorted, bagged and labelled. Tomorrow night? I tackle the clowns...

Speaking of which. My FIL comes tomorrow and stays till thursday. If he would have asked we would have told him it's not a good time. Tomorrow jeff has to pick up more clown stuff at the studio, Maddy has school, he's supposed to game at Chris's house. Tuesday Olivia has a dentist appointment, Jeff has an appointment with our banker, Olivia has preschool. Wednesday Maddy has school, then we head to the studio for rehearsal for 2.5 hours then I go to Mother Goose right after for two hours. But he didn't ask... so we spent the ENTIRE day (of our seventh anniversary!) cleaning.

We did hire the girl next door (Talia 14 years) to babysit for 2.5 hours tonight. We took Phoenix, went for dinner and dessert and then went for a drive. We needed that. We need to do that more often. Freedom for $20? I'm all for it.

Well back to nursing the babe and cutting tulle. Tulle.... it will be the death of me.


Katrina said...

Happy Anniversiry!

Don't you just love it when family does that do you? It's as if they think people will drop everything they are doing just to accomidate them.

Robyn said...

Dude! That so sucks! That is a LOT of tulle. Evil, evil tulle.