Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am leaking...

copious amounts of breastmilk. Phoenix went to bed at 7:40. He woke two times between then and 9:40 but Jeff settled him both times. It's now 12:10am and I am engorged like you would not believe. I can't remember a time when he went 4.5 hours between nursings... maybe the "No cry sleep solution" is working?

I dropped the costume examples off today at the studio during rehearsal. 3 hours of rehearsal. Everyone loved how they turned out. It's just pandemonium at the studio during recital prep time!

I signed the girls up for the summer dance classes. Olivia has two weeks of dance camp, Maddy has two weeks of Jazz camp and a one week exam ballet prep course (running at the same time) so from July 23 to August 3 don't expect to hear from me ;)

So $300 later...

I've been checking out play systems tonight. When we buy our new house I'd like to take some money and get a good one... we're probably looking at a couple grand but they'll play on it forever so I'm going to get a decent wood one that will last.

The real estate agent was through here yesterday... she says it will list for at least twice of the price it was bought for three years ago. Now that's an investment!

I'm tired. I think I'll curl up on the couch till Phoenix calls. Jeff is watching a movie and the house is tidy. tomorrow is preschool for Liv and LLL at night... can I relax already?

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