Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I always thought that a certain person in my life talked behind my back about how incompetent I was... now that I know she actually did I'm even more annoyed. How DARE you say I can't "handle" my children. What gave you the right to say that I shouldn't have had a third because I could not "handle" the two I already had. I think I handle them pretty damn well!

Both girls are at or ahead of where they should be schooling wise.

Both girls are excellent friends, very kind hearted (except to each other but that really would be too much to ask) and good listeners.

Neither are cruel, mean or heartless.

Everyone gets fed good healthy organic foods, gets parented gently, is shown kindness and respect. I don't dump my kids anytime I need to do something. Anytime I want to do something or just because.

Do I mess up and compromise my morals and values? Yes of course I do. I'm HUMAN... not a robot.

I'm just a mama trying to do the very best by her kids and you know what? FUCK THEM who think that they are allowed to have an opinion. I'm tired of being backstabbed. I'm tired of my best friend being backstabbed. I'm just tired of it all.

I AM handling three kids, two cats and a dog. AM.. fuckyouverymuch.

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