Saturday, July 21, 2007

Okay I lied...

more point form it is.

*still cleaning. Remax lady is coming at 11 tomorrow morning to take pics. Right now we've done... the laundry room except the floors, rec room except the floors, downstairs bath except the floors, upstairs bath except the floors, all the bedrooms, living room, dining room, entrance, kitchen from top to bottom. We're finishing the floors tonight. Doing our bedroom quickly in the morning and doing a top to bottom vacuum in the morning. A good thorough house cleaning takes about 12 hours to do well. Phew.

*went and saw my mom tonight. She had a couple good cries. We talked for hours. I feel very close to her right now. She has not smoked for two days and I am so proud of her. I am so very glad that I didn't move away due to Jeff's work and can be here for her.

*(I'm back... had to nurse Phoenix)

*It's still blowing my ever loving mind that we're getting this house. I mean I guess technically the deal could fall through but I doubt it. The papers are at the lawyers, the contract was faxed to our mortgage guy and there is nothing else to do but wait for the financing to come through. Since we were preapproved it's not a worry.

*August 10th. Holy shit.

*We're still planning on going on vacation if you can believe it! I'm hoping it happens.

*wow I'm tired.

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