Thursday, July 19, 2007

Taking a massive dump...

of my brain that is ;) Point form which I know is annoying but these things need to leave.

*so so so so so fucking worried about my mother's surgery tomorrow at 11:30. I wish I could be there at the hospital with her. I know she wants me to stay home with my babes but the urge to be there and hold her hand is strong.

*Jean and her kids are coming tomorrow to keep me company while I sit and wait. I didn't ask her to come but she offered. I'll take the offer.

*Tomorrow night Rose will take all three kids so jeff and I can go to the hospital to see my mom. This will be the first time I've left Phoenix with anyone but Jeff.

*the real estate agent is coming on friday to take pictures of the house. I'm freaking. I wanted more time to declutter and depersonalize. So tonight Jeff took down all the kids art work, pictures and anything personal. We shit kicked the rec room. I piled a huge amount of stuff to give away in the middle, took two garbage bags of junk out, recycled a giant box of paper... Then jeff did the hutch, I did most of the bookshelf and he did the rest (oh I am SO GOING TO LOVE the built in shelving in the rec room). He's going to bring up all the stuff to give away and all the freecycled stuff that should be picked up tomorrow and we should be good to go.

*tomorrow night is floor cleaning, laundry room cleaning, kitchen scrubbing, room tidying... I am so going to HATE keeping this house clean for the next three weeks while trying to pack. I wonder if I pack everything RIGHT NOW and just let them have clothes and tell them to play outside for the next month that I would be considered a bad mom? ;)

*I'm tired tired tired. In the midst of legal calls, calls to the buyer, calls to jeff, calls from Rose... I had four little girls PLUS my best friend Robyn and her two kids come over to play. It was busy but good.

*Oh and we're buying the sellers couch and love seat and her bedroom set (with double bed, headboard, side table, mirror and dresser) apparently... even though I don't really think it's all that cool for a six year old. Hmmm...

le sigh.

I think I'm done.

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