Tuesday, July 17, 2007

because I don't have enough stress in my life...

We are putting an offer on a house. TOMORROW. I'm freaking out. Mostly freaking out because this is not our money (jeff's parent's are giving us $20,000 for a down payment) so we have to wait for money transfers for the deposit, house inspection, lawyer...

Also freaking out because we are the first to look at this house and she also had three people lined up for tomorrow night. We need to get her this money asap!!!!

This is the house http://www.propertyguys.com/listings...p?propid=12862

It's a dream. Seriously. Fuck I don't have enough drama in my life I have to choose this time to buy a house!

So we phoned her tonight, offered her a $1000 deposit and we go tomorrow afternoon at 1pm to sign papers!!!! OMG!


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Jaclyn said...

Tammy, the house is awesome! I just love all the windows in the living room! So bright an airy and what a nice sized backyard! Awesome!

I hope everything goes well with your mom tomorrow. It's really hard to have a sick parent. I'll be praying for her.