Monday, July 09, 2007

swingsets amoung other things...

My parents bought my kids a metal swingset this weekend. It has two slides, a trapeze bar, glider and a slide. They LOVE it. Both mornings now as soon as I get up I am confronted by Madeline.

"Mommy... I'm dressed, I ate breakfast and I cleaned up the living room. Can I go outside?"

That was at about 9:30. It's 12:45. They've been in to pee, request a picnic lunch for themselves and Danica (the next door 10 year old), pick up the lunch and then ask if they could go for a walk.

I was dreaded summer because? I never freaking SEE my kids! lol! And before anyone gets all up in arms... my back yard is completely fenced. I keep all my windows and doors open. They are not allowed to go anywhere else without asking me. The neighbors on BOTH sides are always out and would instantly alert me to anyone weird if I didn't see them. We're all good ;) We live in a nice neighborhood and the only reason they are allowed out for a walk right now is because they are with Danica.

Phoenix is down for a nap. He's uber bitchy today. Olivia has a doctor's appointment to check out her hip at 1:45. I think I'll just get Jeff to take her and that way Phoenix can nap for as long as he wishes. Madeline is going over to Emma's later today (sometime after 2:30) so I think Liv and I will do some puzzles, workbooks and maybe let her play on the computer.

I'm not so patiently waiting for my mother to get a call from her doctor. She had her liver and lung x-rays on friday and we're waiting for the results. They need those back before her mastectomy. If she does have cancer in both that puts her at stage IV breast cancer. The 5 year survival rate for that is 20%. :(

The waiting and not knowing is the hardest.

We went for a hot dog roast and bonfire at their place last night. Gail, Tom, Sue, Bob, Debbie and Grandma M were all there. We had a great time. It was nice to just talk and laugh.

We're heading out tonight for some house viewings. Cross fingers we find something we want!


Robyn said...

glad they're enjoying the swingset! jasmyn says she wants to come over and use maddy and olivia's swingset sometime (even though it's the same as ours...but with a slide! lol.)

thinking good thoughts for your mom.

talk to you soon,
love robyn

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about your mom. I hope everything works out ok.