Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We're back!

And you all will be happy to know that my husband apologized for being an ass and putting unrealistic demands on me and all is well with the world ;)

So we went to Lac La Hache for the long weekend with out brand new (to us) tent trailer. The van towed it there with no problems, we set it up with no problems and had no problems with it for the entire weekend! yayyy!!!! It was so very nice to be warm all night, wake up and be able to have a warm drink right away, have a place to hang and cook when it rained and have places to stash all of our stuff. It so totally rocked!!!!

The girls had the "best time ever!" They found a couple of older kids (10 year old girls) that took to them instantly and carted them around for the weekend. They went for walks, played in the playground, bounced around from site to site and had more freedom then they had EVER had before. But they respected the rules, checked in often and were so well behaved it was incredible. They played hard, slept hard... ate hard... lol. They ate like horses and were in bed asleep by like 10 every night but the first one. The decided that smores rock, hot dogs were very cool and that getting to drink juice all the time was so very cool ;)

Phoenix did okay. He was slung about 90% of every day by either jeff or I. I brought the playpen and he went in for for two minutes once before screaming. I won't pack that next time. It was a waste of space. He has a newfound love for buttered popcorn rice cakes (the big ones... he'd eat an entire one in a sitting!) Him and I slept in one bunk, the girls in the other and jeff on the table bed. I would have rather slept with Jeff instead of Phoenix but with him nursing so often still it's impractical.

Jeff and I had a blast. We loved hanging out around the fire with all the other adults at night, drinking and laughing. Good times.

We're planning for our next trip already. We're probably heading to Hixon next. It's only a half hour away but it's a cute campground with water/power/playground/dog area. It's on a river that you can gold pan in.

It's hard to explain but even though we had a rocking good time... I'm eager to do it without the entire clan. I felt a bit judged at times and a bit... ignored (not by you guys Robyn obviously). It didn't ruin my time by any means and I won't let it bother me at all. But I am eager to do it alone. We're hoping that Robyn and clan might want to come to Hixon with us... or if not there then maybe somewhere else this summer. I had a blast with them.


Samurai Shisho said...

Just wanted to leave a comment!


I love looking at these pictures!


Robyn said...

we had a great time with you guys too...and ditto on the last part. ;)