Sunday, May 06, 2007

Slightly guilty...

feeling that is. My wonderful hubby is currently cleaning the kitchen. But not only is he cleaning the kitchen, he's cleaning the kitchen with my bitchy teething baby on his back so I can surf the net and drink my tea. Now THAT'S a good husband :)

My five year will be the death of me. I swear if she is rude, mean or freaks out at me one more time I will lose my mind. It's like she has completely forgot how to speak nicely, be nice to her sister, share, or have any rational logical thought. Of course I play into it and get in a battle of wills with her when I KNOW the logical thing to do is say "when you are ready to speak to me nicely I will talk to you then"... She's behaving like a two year old right now and since I have a three year old and an almost one year old I'm so not fucking interested. At all. In the slightest. She was just horrible terrible yesterday and today. I'm so done.

Well the tent trailer is up and wired. Course the wiring does not work and we don't know why. Which means we have to bug Mike again and I'm not sure he'll be too impressed about that. We spent all today cleaning, washing dishes and putting stuff back in the trailer. I pretty much have everything utensil/dishes wise that I need. I'm making lists like crazy.

We went to NR Motors today to drool over the new tent trailers. You know... not much has changed in 30 years ;) Different colours... same layout... heavier though! The big tent trailers that have bathrooms and stuff are WAY to heavy for our van to pull. The new tent trailers that are the same size as ours outweigh ours by about 600 lbs as well. We did find a new hatch cover (19.99) trailer light (12.99) longer ball mount (49.99)... that will bring the trailer total (free trailer) up to around $350. lol.

We saw the funkiest camper (Robyn you guys gotta buy it!) for about $25,000. It has two pull outs and a propane fireplace! A huge bedroom in the back (bedroom!!!) big kitchen, tons of floor space. It was the coolest camper evah! We saw tons of 5th wheels (used and new) and some of the 7 year old ones were going for like 12,000. I drooled. I could totally get used to camping like that ;)

Jeff and the baby are downstairs doing laundry now. Loki's around eating his bull penis (yep.. bully sticks are dried bull peni... yuck) and the cats are laying around shedding as cats are wont to do.

Madeline has a play date tomorrow. Emma and Kendra are coming here for a couple hours after school. I'll make them some lemonade and popcorn, send them outside to play and be done with it. I need to fold laundry, clean the bathroom and wash floors tomorrow. I hope I have the energy to do it!

Well off to surf some more. Facebook is sucking my soul so I should go check it out some more ;)

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